A. Z. Zhelezniakov, was an Anarchist sailor collaborated off and on with the Bolsheviks. At the beginning of the Revolution, he assisted in the storming of the Winter Palace and led the disbursement of the Constituent Assembly. Commanding an armored train on the Don front for a time, when Trotsky reorganized the Red Army to promote party members and abolish the practice of units electing their own leaders, Zhelezniakov protested and was declared a traitor.
Undeterred, he snuck into Moscow to plead his case and was rewarded with a command in the Crimea, where he was killed in action on July 26, 1919 at the age of 24. In death, the Soviet Government who had persecuted him hailed him as a hero, glossing over his anarchist affiliations and portraying him as a good Bolshevik.


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St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków


Academy, 1900 by Robert Demachy